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Welcome to Bush Orchids

What's new on the Website ?

Orchid sales page updated (20/03/2010)

Four new grex names added to the registered man-made hybrids page (28/02/2010).

New photo's added of Stanhopea Dreamcatcher to the man-made hybrids page (28/02/2010).

New photo's added of Stanhopea platyceras to the Species page (26/02/2010).

A second edition of the Stanhopea monograph will be available this coming summer 2010.

Contact Rudolf Jenny at rjorchid@gmx.ch to reserve your copy.


Hello my name is Kelvin Bush, I live in Bristol, South Gloucestershire in the UK.  I have been successfully growing plants from the Stanhopeinae Genus for the last eight years, I must admit it has now become a passion of mine, growing, flowering & photographing these extraordinary orchids.  

The purpose of this Website is to share my growing knowledge and photographs to anyone who is interested in the Genus Stanhopea and orchids. (Last Updated 20/03/2010)

I have provided information on growing culture, orchid care, references, and species I have cultivated.  Please visit my vast photo library of species and hybrids of which occasionally, I will have divisions available for sale.

If you wish you use any of these photographs for personal or professional use please contact me.

stanhopea orchid - tigrina Var.nigroviolacea


The first species from the Genus Stanhopea that I saw way back in 2000 was Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolaea.  I was amazed at the size and powerful perfume of its tropical flowers, from that moment on I decided that this was the only Orchid Genus for me.

It is noted for its complex and fragrant flowers that are generally spectacular but short-lived. Their pendant inflorescences are noted for flowering out of the bottom and side of the containers in which they grow, lending themselves to culture in baskets that have enough open space for the infloresence to push through. They are sometimes called aptly the upside-down orchids.

Stanhopeas are only a very small part of the world's total orchid population, it is one genus amongst more than 800 genera, around 60 species amongst an estimated 25,000 orchid species which grow from the Tropics to the Arctic Circle.


If you require any more information with regard to Stanhopeas or orchids, or wish to discuss anything further please contact me via the contact page.


stanhopeas - intermedia


Stanhopea (J. Frost ex Hook. 1829) is a genus of the orchid family (Orchidaceae) from Central and South America. The abbreviation used in the horticultural trade and amateur growing is Stan. The genus is named after the 4th Earl of Stanhope (Philip Henry Stanhope) (1781-1855), president of the Medico-Botanical Society of London (1829-1837). These epiphytic, but occasionally terrestrial orchids can be found in damp forests from Mexico to the north west of Argentina. Their ovate pseudobulbs carry from the top one long, plicate, elliptic leaf.  

orchids orchid tropical flowers care plants flower growing stanhopeas

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orchids orchid stanhopea stanhopeas tropical tropical flowers flowers flower orchid care orchid plants orchid flower growing orchids orchid culture orchid sales

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