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About Bush Orchids

Hello my name is Kelvin Bush, I live in Bristol, South Gloucestershire in the UK.

I have been successfully growing plants from the Stanhopeinae Genus for the last eight years, I must admit it has now become a passion of mine, growing, flowering & photographing these extraordinary orchids.  

     Me in my Greenhouse2.jpg (115089 bytes)

In the Greenhouse December 2007

What first attracted me to this hobby was a trip back in 2000, to Burnham Orchid Nurseries, Forches Cross, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK. While there I had a look around their Show Greenhouse, where I saw for the first time these highly scented orchids hanging in baskets from wires. I was amazed to see and learn how the leaves grow upwards and the flower spikes grow downwards through the compost and out through the basket and mature to produce highly perfumed flowers. Needless to say I bought three plants there and then from this Genus !!!

Eight years on, I now have around 350 plants, in my Collection !!!

Back in June 2003, I visited The Newbury International Orchid Show, Berkshire UK, and to my amazement in the Orchid marquee I stumbled upon a large Stanhopea display, which had been set up by another hobbiest grower called Dick Hartley, who owns the National Collection of Stanhopea in the UK. I couldn’t believe that I had found someone who shared my passion for this Genus, since then we have become firm friends, over the past few years I have had many divisions from him.  

Dick Hartley (left) and myself Kelvin Bush

The purpose of this Website is to primarily share my growing knowledge and photographs to anyone who is interested in the Genus Stanhopea, although occasionally I will have divisions available for sale.  

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