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  The information on this page has been collated using Royal Horticultural Society sources.

Stanhopea Hybrid

Grex Name


Registered By & Date

 O/U = Originator unknown

April Fool

Stan. connata x Stan. panamensis

D. Pulley, 29/11/1991


Stan. tigrina x Stan. wardii

H. Goldschmidt, 1922


Stan. connata x Stan. maduroi

Eric Young O.F., 25/08/1998

Baroness Byford

Stan. insignis x Stan. haselowiana

R.J.Hartley, 17/07/2007


Stan. insignis x Stan. oculata

Mantin, 1896

Bird of Prey

Stan. jenischiana x Stan. nigroviolacea

Woodland, 04/08/2003


Stan. saccata x Stan. Devoniensis

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989

Carbon Copy

Stan. ecornuta x Stan. insignis

R.J.Hartley, 25/06/2007

Cheddleton Chief

Stan. insignis x Stan. connata

R.J.Hartley, 17/09/2007

Cheddleton Chorus

Stan. ecornuta x Stan. nigroviolacea

R.J.Hartley, 17/09/2007

Chloe Bush

Stan. oculata x Stan. embreei

K.M.Bush (R.J.Hartley), 12/07/2006

Chocolate Chips

Stan. tigrina x Stan. panamensis

D. Pulley, 29/11/1991

Chocolate Eyes

Stan. Mormon Pioneer x Stan. inodora

D. Pulley, 04/02/2002

Chocolate Vision

Stan. platyceras x Stan. Spindleriana

D. Pulley, 04/02/2002


Stan. saccata x Stan. insignis

R.J.Hartley, 19/07/2007


Stan. inodora x Stan. April Fool

J. Shragge, 20/07/2006


Stan. insignis x Stan. tigrina

hort., 1892

Diabase Stranger

Stan. grandiflora x Stan. martiana

R.J.Hartley, 15/01/2010

Dick’s Trick

Stan. embreei x Stan. hernandezii

R.J.Hartley, 25/06/2007

DiPozzi Capriccio

Stan. platyceras x Stan. oculata

Fl.Edmondo Pozzi, 12/11/2002


Stan. martiana x Stan. graveolens

R.J.Hartley, 25/06/2007


Stan. ruckeri x Stan. hernandezii

R.J.Hartley, 15/01/2010

Eggington Belle

Stan. connata x Stan. nigroviolacea

R.J.Hartley, 19/07/2007

Emily Bush

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. embreei

K.M.Bush (R.J.Hartley), 15/06/2006

Eye Eye Eye

Stan. panamensis x Stan. oculata

D. Pulley, 17/09/2002

Foxy Lady

Stan. martiana x Stan. saccata

R.J.Hartley, 25/06/2007

Frog Princess

Stan. April Fool x Stan. tigrina

D. Pulley, 18/08/1998

Gary Baker

Stan. Assidensis x Stan. jenischiana

Baker & Chantry, 18/09/1992

Grad Nite

Stan. oculata x Stan. Assidensis

D. Pulley, 14/07/1995

Graham Willmore

Stan. Assidensis x Stan. florida

Baker & Chantry, 26/07/1995

Great Expectations

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. hernandezii

R.J.Hartley, 19/07/2007


Stan. Augres x Stan. maduroi

Eric Young O.F., 23/10/2007


Stan. Augres x Stan. tigrina

Eric Young O.F., 23/10/2007

Havre des Pas

Stan. Plemont x Stan. maduroi

Eric Young O.F., 23/10/2007

Heaven Scent

Stan. Love Potion x Stan. inodora

D. Pulley, 04/02/2002


Stan. inodora x Stan. tigrina

Stirling, 1946

Hidden Agenda

Stan. insignis x Stan. posadae

D. Pulley, 04/10/2004

Inca Chief

Stan. panamensis x Stan. longipes

D. Pulley, 03/11/2004

Jack Quigley

Stan. wardii x Stan. inodora

J. Quigley (J.L.Quigley), 02/08/2002

Jean Lhoste

Stan. saccata x Stan. ecornuta

Marcel Lecoufle, 05/06/2001

June Bride

Stan. panamensis x Stan. Assidensis

D. Pulley, 14/07/1995

Jungle Cat

Stan. longipes x Stan. tigrina

D. Pulley, 22/09/1995

Ken Girard

Stan. graveolens x Stan. grandiflora

A. Bagby (R.J.Hartley), 11/06/2007

King Kong

Stan. tigrina x Stan. gibbosa

D. Pulley, 18/08/1998

La Fontaine

Stan. saccata x Stan. platyceras

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989

Louis Bernier

Stan. haselowiana x Stan. wardii

Marcel Lecoufle, 1970

Love Potion

Stan. connata x Stan. tigrina

D. Pulley, 31/03/1992

Lydia Bush

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. grandiflora

K.M.Bush (R.J.Hartley), 13/03/2007

Memoria Paul Allen

Stan. ecornuta x Stan. tigrina

W.W.G.Moir, 1968

Midnight Ramble

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. Victory

D. Pulley, 15/08/2008

Miss Taki

Stan. martiana x Stan. insignis

R.J.Hartley, 25/06/2007

Moorlands Charm

Stan. ecornuta x Stan. martiana

R.J.Hartley, 17/09/2007

Moorlands Chief

Stan. haselowiana x Stan. nigroviolacea

R.J.Hartley, 17/07/2007

Moorlands Dream

Stan. shuttleworthii x Stan. insignis

R.J.Hartley, 15/01/2010

Moorlands Elegance

Stan. jenischiana x Stan. grandiflora

R.J.Hartley, 17/09/2007

Moorlands Magic

Stan. jenischiana x Stan. platyceras

R.J.Hartley, 17/09/2007

Moorlands Wonder

Stan. embreei x Stan. martiana

R.J.Hartley, 15/01/2010

Mormon Pioneer

Stan. gibbosa x Stan. Stan. panamensis

D. Pulley, 25/03/1994

Naked Lady

Stan. reichenbachiana x Stan. pulla

D. Pulley, 18/04/2000

Nina Rach

Stan. jenischiana x Stan. tigrina

D. Hunt (Baker & Chantry), 16/07/2008


Stan. posadae x Stan. martiana

D. Pulley, 29/07/2003

Ouille Ouille Ouille

Stan. Eye Eye Eye x Stan. oculata

M.& M.F.Bourdon, 28/10/2004

Paha Sapa

Stan. wardii x Stan. tricornis

M.Bodensteiner (G.Dabbert), 30/01/2007


Stan. oculata x Stan. ecornuta

Hey, 1968

Peter Grinnell

Stan. oculata x Stan. graveolens

C.Withner (P. Grinnell), 19/08/1997


Stan. florida x Stan. anfracta

F. Stevenson, 15/01/1992


Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan Augres

Eric Young O.F., 03/05/2005

Princess Diana

Stan. lietzei x Stan. grandiflora

D. Pulley, 11/09/1997

Quirky Queen

Stan. Love Potion x Stan. wardii

D. Pulley, 18/08/1998


Stan. costaricensis x Stan. saccata

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989


Stan. wardii x Stan. oculata

Marcel Lecoufle, 1989


Stan. saccata x Stan. ruckeri

M.& M.F.Bourdon, 17/02/2000


Stan. saccata x Stan. tigrina

Tokyo Bot. Gdns., 01/12/1923

Solar Flare

Stan. posadae x Stan. tricornis

D. Pulley, 18/09/2002

Spark to Flame

Stan. ruckeri x Stan. nigroviolacea

R.J.Hartley, 25/06/2007


Stan. oculata x Stan. tigrina

Spindler, 1890

Starry Night

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. platyceras

D. Pulley, 25/07/2007


Stan. graveolens x Stan. tricornis

D. Pulley, 15/11/2002

Thunder Bird

Stan. insignis x Stan. nigroviolacea

D. Pulley, 17/09/2003


Stan. tigrina x Stan. graveolens

R. Mason (O/U), 27/03/2002

Ulli Paterny

Stan. oculata x Stan. martiana

H.J. Jung, 12/05/1993


Stan. Love Potion x Stan. tigrina

D. Pulley, 18/08/1998

Wetley Secret

Stan. nigroviolacea x Stan. graveolens

R.J.Hartley, 17/09/2007


Stan. martiana x Stan. tigrina

Wolter, 1905


Stan. intermedia x Stan. graveolens

D. Pulley, 22/09/1995


Stan. tricornis x Stan. intermedia

D. Pulley, 18/09/2002










Last updated 28/02/2010


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